Tuesday, July 28, 2009


CLASS XII 2009-10

Our school, Sainik School Bijapur, which is a gateway to National Defence Academy, is known for its disciplined cadets and their adventure activities. The boys here are highly enthusiastic and determined to do everything.

This cycle trip was one of the tests to find the stamina and determination of cadets.

Our school had organised this trip to Almatti on 14th and 15th of April 2009.our English teachers Mr.D.Vijaya Kumar, along with Havildar SK Rana, Havildar Chavan, and Medical Assistant Udaya Hiremath escorted us from point to point during our whole journey of two days.

We started on 14th April at 6’o clock in the morning. We paddled our bicycles up to Managoli, where we had our breakfast. we could go in to the village and create awareness about election and importance of each vote and hope that many of our speeches could have impact on the people. This cycle trip was totally organized by the cadets under the able guidance of Shree D.Vijaya Kumar sir. We could do many things. We purchased many of the things such as biscuits, chocolates, glucose, water melon, pineapple from CSD canteen and market. On 12th April we prepared many banners and made them attractive and colourful.

Because of this cycle trip we could learn to organize and conduct it smoothly by preplanning the things . this things we could learn only because of the teachers gave us the opportunity to do those things. On the way we did not face any problems.

This cycle trip was a enjoyable and adventurous one and we still remember the places where we were served water melon, pineapple etc on the way. We did not feel tired and alone as ambulance was moving up and down and hav Rana sir was on the cycle. And whenever we stopped in the middle we had some thing to eat in our bag and we refreshed ourselves.

On 15th morning we left the Vaibhav hotel where we were accommodated at 6’o clock and started our journey back to School . We were at the highest picth of enthusiasm and josh. We were given bread and jam early in the morning and we had our breakfast at Managuli which is approximately 20km from Bijapur.

Then we peddled our cycle up to Bijapur and in the school, Headmaster and other teachers welcomed us.

Totally, this was a wonderful trip and we could gain lot from that. All my friends have increased their organizing power and had lots of experience from this cycle expedition to Almatti.


  1. sir thank u for posting our photos -shivaraj 3839 vij

  2. Vijaya Kumar Sir, This is really nice of you sir for organizing cycle trip and with a mission to encourage people to vote and make people aware about voting rights in a democratic country. Also see that the boys are enjoying and we are also happy seeing the snaps....

    Best Rgds. Ashok Patil 1557/Hoy/82-90/